APTUS v. [Latin] fasten, attach, join, connect.

APTUS was established in 2015 after recognising a unique opportunity to disrupt the status quo of conventional construction methods through innovative solutions and systems that achieve time and cost efficiencies not currently available in the market. Established in Toowoomba, Queensland, the family owned business is expanding the use of its patented technology in key Australian markets along the eastern seaboard.

APTUS is also exploring international opportunities throughout Europe, Asia and North America. With patent protection across these key global markets we are actively seeking the relevant regulatory approvals. Having recently obtained UK Cares Approval, we are looking forward to introducing APTUS into the London market later this year.

APTUS in action at Queen's Wharf, Brisbane

Message from the founder

If you were to ask me what the single most important attribute in our business is, I would say curiosity. The art of asking questions and not necessarily having the answers. With generational involvement in the construction industry spanning more than 50 years, our team remains curious. We consider ourselves a technical solutions business. Coming from a practical, trades-based background, we have the freedom to ask questions. We’ve built the engineering know-how into our business to answer these questions but the ability to ask questions remains our single most important attribute.

APTUS didn’t set out to make the best coupler system for precast elements, or to develop a unique design approach for detailing these elements. These are simply the result of the underlying driving force or purpose as to why APTUS came into being. There’s an innate desire within our culture to change the way the construction industry does things, to innovate and improve in the same way that other industries have, and to not get stuck doing the same thing in the same way that it’s always been done. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude is a handbrake on innovation… if nothing changes, nothing changes!

When we suppress curiosity and stop asking ourselves questions like Why can’t we do it this way?, or Is there an easier way to do this?, or in matters of integrity What is the right thing to do?, we become the same as everyone else and start doing the same things the same way they've always been done.

- Steven Prowse

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