Concrete connections that save you time and money

APTUS couplers:

  • Vertical elements are no longer on the critical path
  • Substantially reduce floor cycle times
  • Eliminate propping and grouting with no further work required after installation
  • Are versatile and adaptable across all types and shapes of vertical elements.
  • Significantly enhances site safety removing congestion and clutter
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Vertical elements are no longer on the critical path

The streamlined installation process enables the next level of vertical elements to be erected without any propping before the slab is poured. APTUS elements can be installed as soon as the horizontal formwork is placed.

  • APTUS elements are installed when crane demand is at its lowest
  • APTUS is the only system where vertical elements are installed before the floor is poured
  • Average one-and-a-half-day reduction in typical cycle times using the APTUS system
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Jewel - Surfer's Paradise

The Jewel Towers are a mixed use residential and commercial development, constructed by Multiplex on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Construction began using conventional cast in-situ columns for the first 8 to 12 levels, with the construction team achieving floor cycles of 7 days on average. To accelerate the program, Multiplex made the decision to switch the in-situ columns to precast concrete using the APTUS coupler system, effectively removing these elements from the critical path. This change reduced the average floor cycle to 5.5 days achieving a programme saving in excess of 20%, delivering a total saving of 60 program days (3 months) for the project.

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The design of the APTUS couplers allows them to be used in a wide range of installation scenarios including square & rectangular columns, blade columns, round columns, walls, façade walls, raking columns and all the possible transitions between. The APTUS couplers are designed to allow for +/- 15mm of vertical tolerance and +/- 3mm of lateral tolerance.

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