Vertical elements are no longer on the critical path

The streamlined installation process enables the next level of vertical elements to be erected without any propping before the slab is poured. APTUS elements can be installed as soon as the horizontal formwork is placed.

  • APTUS elements are installed when crane demand is at its lowest
  • APTUS is the only system where vertical elements are installed before the floor is poured
  • Average one-and-a-half-day reduction in typical cycle times using the APTUS system
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APTUS Advantages

No grouting

No further work is required after installation and slab pour. Eliminates the risk of structural failure associated with grouting.

No propping

Precast vertical elements are supported by the APTUS couplers requiring no temporary propping.

Safer worksite

Enhances site safety removing congestion and clutter. Removes an entire series of in-situ trades associated with vertical elements - steel fixers, form workers and concreters

Efficient crane usage

Reduction in the number of crane movements & on-site storage requirements. Crane utilisation is optimised by installing elements at a less critical stage of the cycle.

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