Designers of APTUS elements can access our online design tool through our partner program which will allow you to quickly and efficiently produce a preliminary design that satisfies the temporary works case and the permanent design case. Become an APTUS Engineering Partner to access software and support.

Temporary Works Design Case

In the temporary works case APTUS elements will cantilever off the element or foundation below requiring no additional propping. The element will be designed with sufficient capacity to resist wind loading as defined for a temporary structure in the applicable local design code.

Temporary Works Design Guide

Permanent Design Case

For the permanent design case APTUS elements are designed in exactly the same manner as an ordinary reinforced concrete column as per the applicable design code. The APTUS couplers provide a full bar break capacity ensuring the reinforcing bar will yield prior to the coupler.

The only difference is an efficient APTUS design will use fewer bars of larger cross sectional area.

Design Guide

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