APTUS supplies main vertical bars with friction welded end sockets and laser cut steel shutters to manufacture APTUS precast elements to the required tolerances. Manufacturers who become APTUS partners can access comprehensive training and support to ensure efficient and cost-effective fabrication of precast elements using the APTUS system.

Step 1

  • Aptus Bars, End Shutters & Fabrication Ancillaries supplied by Aptus
  • Aptus End Shutters can be fabricated by precast manufacturers themselves but must strictly adhere to Aptus specifications
  • Conventional reinforcing steel supplied by others

Step 2

  • Always fix the bottom shutter to fabrication jig first, ensuring it is held square and secure
  • Aptus Bars can then be secured to the bottom shutter and conventional reinforcing placed loosely in position
  • Securing the Aptus bars to the bottom shutter first ensures the later fitment of the Outer Couplers is consistent - this provides for a much quicker installation process on site

Step 3

  • The top shutter is then secured to the Aptus Bars and the conventional reinforcement fixed in position
  • There is no jig required to position the top shutter, it is simply held in position by the Aptus Bars
  • Any tolerance adjustment in the Aptus Bars (+/- 5mm) is always taken into account at the top of the precast element - any discrepancy is taken up later through the adjustment provided by the Inner Coupler

Step 4

  • The fabricated reinforcement cage is then placed on the casting bed
  • Industry standard side shuters are simply clamped in position against the top and bottom shutters on the casting bed
  • Standard concrete placement processes are then adopted in accordance with individual precast manufacturer’s QA System

Step 5

  • Following normal post-production procedures, Outer Coupler Assemblies are secured into the bottom of the precast element and Inner Coupler Assemblies are secured into the top of the element
  • Precast Elements are then placed into storage and are now ready for delivery to site

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